Bang & Olufsen, the design-conscious Danish electronics company, has been using aluminum for more than 50 years to create the sleek surfaces of their TVs and speakers. Miya Ando (previously), a descendant of samurai-era Bizen sword makers, also specializes in aluminum in the form of her hand-dyed anodized aluminum sculptural slabs. A new collaboration between the 2 has resulted in a convergence of art and audio – 20 aluminum paintings that also correspond with bespoke hand-painted anodized Bang & Olufsen aluminum speakers.


“I’m interested in expression and communication that transcends boundaries,” said Ando. “I feel extremely honored to collaborate with Bang & Olufsen. I respect the manner in which they pay homage to tradition, while continuously pioneering innovation.”

If you’re in San Francisco, K. Imperial Fine Art will be presenting an exhibition of Ando’s works starting October 3rd . For the show, titled “Tides and Phases of The Moon,” Ando will unveil a new body of work largely inspired by a haiku written by her favorite poet, Basho:

Full autumn moon
To my gate comes rising
Crested tide


Source: submission