treasure mug appears to sink into your table

The Treasure Mug takes its name from an illusion it creates, appearing as if it’s a treasure chest emerging from sand. The trick is pretty simple: a slanted base and trimmed handle creates, what I think, looks more like a mug sinking into a table. Either way, it’s sure to make your morning coffee a bit more interesting!

You can purchase it directly from plywood (1,260 yen), an Japanese interior design shop. If you live overseas, your best bet is Amazon JP, since they ship overseas.

(PS: I love the very serious Japanese disclaimer: “Please note that when placed on surface, this cup will be slanted. This design is intentional and is not a defect.”)

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  1. This is just darling! I love whimsical tea ware and this would be a perfect (functional) addition to my collection! <3

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