Nedre Foss is a Norwegian label for interior products, founded and backed by the design studio Anderssen & Voll, who reached out to Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto to create a household tool the embodies the power of sculpture.

Through a trial-and-error process, Kuramoto first came up with a method of weaving hemp string onto a steel wire skeleton, which in turn was lightly covered in plaster. The hand-made model was then rendered digital through 3D-scanning so that it could be modified. This formed the the basis of the complex steel mold which in turn produced the final object in glass, which was titled Vannfall.

Vannfall is Norwegian for waterfall. The glass jug was produced in two colors. The clear glass looks like running water, whereas the Bottle-green, although with similar properties, is like something out of the forest. Both are available from Nedre Foss.