Wire Works by Masao Seki

“Round Town” | click images to enlarge

Five From The Ground is a gorgeous little antiques shop located in Kamakura. From old coffee mills and french blackboards to 8 mm film reels and toys, they have everything your vintage heart could desire. Perusing through their equally drool-worthy online shop reveals many treasures, one of them being these dainty wire sculptures by Masao Seki. So adorable. I want them all!


Flower A


A square. That is all. What else do you need?

This minimal picture stand is fantastic.

There’s something painfully nostalgic to me about these electric cables.

Source: twitter


  1. Jaw dropingly beautiful. We are visiting Kanagawa, so we’ll try to track this shop down to see it in person!

  2. Truly a brilliant work of Art.

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