We’ve all seen them. And perhaps we’ve been them? The man or woman who has had a few too many drinks, and is now at that place of no return, where they’re regretting all their bad decisions that led to this. Now, Japanese toy maker Tama-Kyu has come out with a series of capsule figurines portraying different booze-induced meltdowns.

There’s the business man in a suit with a traffic cone on his head, a dude who’s just passed out on the street and a balding man who’s misplaced his paints but is too focused on holding himself up that he can’t worry about his pants right now. Then there’s the woman who’s hugging a utility pole (or anything to keep her from falling down) and the OL (office lady) who’s best friend is the garbage can.

The yopparai (drunk, in Japanese) figurines went on sale in February of 2020. Look for them at your local capsule toy vendor (300 yen each).