I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Last week was pretty crazy for me. My Dad was visiting from 7000 miles away, which doesn’t happen often, so that was special. I also had a ton of projects going on simultaneously, the majority of which are now thankfully out of my hands!

Today I wanted to talk a little about Yuen’to(所以と)a Japanese product design brand under the IDEA International label. Translating as roughly, “the reason why,”I think one of Yuen’to’s strengths is that they have the unique ability to boil down the visual and conceptual, leaving you with only the necessary. They then apply this to your everyday mundane products. Check out this AiAi Umbrella Stand (about $100, $150 for chrome) that cleverly houses both regulars and fold-ups.


But what I really wanted to show you was this cute marketing segment built into the product description. After displaying images of the product, the flash animation launches into a series of shorts humorously describing what kinds of people should by this product.

The waterproof Splash CD Radio (about $160)… for people trying to lure their kids into the shower (which totally reminded me of the pied piper)!

splashcdradio1tif.jpg splashcdradio2tif.jpg

The Clocklike Clock (about $50) with built in simplicity such as automatic time set and silent clock hands… for people who can’t trust their old clocks.


clocklike-clock2tif.jpg  clocklike-clock3tif.jpg
(all images courtesy of Yuen’to)

Nice. Adorable.


  1. love that umbrella stand. hope you had a great time w/your dad!

  2. love that umbrella stand. hope you had a great time w/your dad!

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