I like to eat apples and bananas. Yuni Yoshida, the creative director known for her mind-bending visual illusions, likes to alter them, creating visually arresting compositions that make you look, and then look again. Often incorporating food into her work, Yoshida has an ongoing series in which everyday fruits are meticulously peeled, diced and rearranged to create works of art that display her subjects in new light.


Yoshida’s exploits with fruit dates back several years to when she created a series of pixelated foods by meticulously cutting squares out of the apples, bananas and pineapples, then rearranging them. The results were published in a zine that came out in 2018 called “Layered.” 

Yoshida has recently rekindled her love for exploring the visual possibilities of fruit through wild brushstrokes often included as standard in digital tools like Photoshop. Yet Yoshida’s versions turn that thinking inside-out be recreating them through perfectly-peeled fruit skin.

In another iteration, the digital zoom-in feature, an oft-employed tool in image alteration software, is recreated in analog format using different sized-fruits.

Yoshida’s fruity creations, along with many other works, were recently on view as part of her first overseas exhibition at the Seoul Museum in Jongno District, central Seoul. The show has since closed but a portion of the works have move to the Laforet Museum in Tokyo (on view through 12/25/2023). You can also follow Yuni Yoshida on Instagram.