Yurin by Rie Isono

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Yurin is a new set of chimes designed by Rie Isono for Kyujo Orin, a chime-maker that has been around since 1907. It was announced yesterday that the line of chimes had been awarded the top prize at the Active Design & Craft Fair, part of the Tokyo Gift Show taking place this week.

Chimes have always been a significant part of the Japanese experience. Whether it is a wind chime activated by a warm summer breeze, quietly cooling you down, or a Shinto priest notifying the gods that a newly deceased will be joining them. Having been around since the Edo period, chimes have made their way into shops, cafes and homes across Japan.

My favorite is the kotorin (right), with a little slit in its mouth to hold small notes.

And according to research conducted by the Acoustical Research Society of Japan, certain exquisite chimes have the effect of generating alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with relaxation and ease.



  1. Very interesting information about chimes in Japanese culture… thanks!
    The chime in the second image is like a bell, right? I mean it as a handle to hold it and pick it up so you’ll hear the bell, I like that one the best.

  2. We just heard back from the company and they are in the initial stages of production. They will let us know when a sale date has been set.

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