“Specimen – Forest Streets” (2010). Pen on paper, masking tape.
Photo: Ikuhiro Watanabe
. Courtesy the artist and Arataniurano

During a recent trip to Tokyo I had the pleasure of checking out the work of Yusuka Asai, a young painter who uses everything at his disposal – mud, dust, masking tape and flour – to create living, breathing works of art. “Pagi Sore,” which was on display at Arataniurano (but has since ended), featured a series of stunning paintings constructed from masking tape that was salvaged from previous large-scale installations.

“Specimen – Clairvoyant” (2010). Pen on paper, masking tape.
Photo: Ikuhiro Watanabe

Top, bottom | Yusuke Asai. Exhibition view of “pagi-sore” (2011).
ARATANIURANO, Tokyo photo: Keizo Kioku

But if you still want to check out Asai’s work you’re in luck! Several of his mud paintings are on display at the MOT through Januar 15, 2012.

“Mud painting: large mountain” (2009). Mud and water collected in Gunma. Photo: Masaru Yanagiba

“Mud painting: the blessing dance” (2011). Mud, water, cow dung, etc. collected in Bodhgaya, India. Photo: Kenji Mimura

“The indoor forest / The ground story” (2010). Masking tape, pen. Photo: Ko Yamada