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5.5 Designers

I love wallpaper and I’m always looking for new creative and inspiring designs. But this alternative to wallpaper by 5.5 designers blew me away! I actually didn’t realize that they were vinyl stickers until I looked closely. (The hanger, that is. Not the kitty.) This is truly a product of the convergence of 2D and 3D design.

guitouthecat.jpg hanger.jpg

(Left: Guitou The Cat | Right: Vinyl Hanger)

(Above: Vinyl Stickers)

Based out of France, 5.5 designers is a design and research firm that was founded in 2003 by members Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sebastien Blanc, Anthony Leboss and Claire Renard. Their website is actually quite fun to navigate through and they have lots of other interesting products and projects that you can read about.


(Above: Wallpaper Games)

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Quatre Saisons



For the first entry I thought I would introduce Quatre Saisons, a Japaneses furniture and interior design company. I fell in love with their simple yet stylish collection when I visited their store in Tokyo a few years back. Each piece emphasizes natural components and the longevity of materials. Their Sping/Summer 2007 catalog is now available, as well as a new collection of furniture. Both Catalogs can be found here. (Japanese)

Established in 1973, Quatre Saison has of 10 stores disperssed throughout Japan, as well as a flagship store in Paris that operates under the name, “For You.”

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