Located in the wilderness of of Hanno City (Saitama), about an hour outside of Tokyo, is Saturday Factory, a design studio founded by Satoshi Odagiri in 2015. Inspired by the surrounding forests, rivers and wildflowers, Odagiri creates balancing mobiles that incorporate materials that he finds near his studio and along walks in the forest.

Working out of a former lumber warehouse, Odagiri creates one-of-a-kind kinetic sculptures that are carefully handcrafted from materials like leaves and twigs, which he combines with discarded pieces of metal from a local factory. “I am trying to create new value by rebalancing substances that have achieved a certain purpose,” he says.

Odagiri interprets his creations as more than just ornaments, but a type of hope. “I think that acknowledging the cyclical rhythms of nature and emphasizing the balance of mutual relationships will surely lead to a harmonious appearance.”

The artist creates new batches of mobiles each month and uploads them to his website on predefined dates. You can check his instagram account or website for dates, or simply for some tranquil beauty and calmness.