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Moss Mills Jewelry

It’s a beautiful friday here in Manhattan! The weather is still holding at the comfort level of being able to enjoy a nice lunch outside. However, those days are numbered so today I’d like to show you some nature-inspired jewelry by Los Angeles jewelry designer Moss Mills. (My personal favorite is the one right underneath at the top-left because it looks like a stalk of brocolli!!)




Moss’s designs have really taken off in the past 2-3 years and I’m sure that we will continue to see many more of her design in the future.  Moss’s jewelry will be getting a permanant presence at L.A. boutique Aero & Co. There opening party on Oct. 6 so if you’re in the area stop by for grand opening bargains!

September 28, 2007   2 Comments

Jaana Huhtanen Design

I am just loving these placemats and potholders by Finnish textile designer Jaana Huhtanen. Unfortunatly, I can’t read her website and therefore can’t tell you much about these designs… so lets just sit back and enjoy the pictures. If anyone can read her website I would love to know if she sells them anywhere!



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the invasion of patchwork…and I love it!

Patchwork is funny. It’s like the Sacha Baron Cohen of fabric. Everywhere it goes it stirs people up and they either love it or hate it! Patchwork has always been around but just recently I’ve noticed an influx of patchwork within our visual culture. It could very well be that I just caught sight of a small pool of brands, but let me show you what I mean… here are some examples (from mainstream to not so):

Patchwork cap ($60) and Patched vest ($148)
Both from J-crew

Souk Chic area rug ($150) from carpet tile maker FLOR

And last but not least…this patched hen doorstopper ($39) from eco-conscious VivaTerra

I can’t help but recall an incident earlier this year when a certain controversial patchwork bag was unleashed onto us; the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag that retailed for $42,000. For those of you who missed the story, no I don’t have an extra digit in that number. The bag is made up of 15 different previous LV bag styles and only 24 were made. But wouldn’t it be rad if the whole patchwork fad ignited from here!?!? I know, I’m such a glutton for conspiracy.


The LV Tribute Patchwork Bag

September 26, 2007   2 Comments

Magtable Coffee Table

Although my dream room consists of all sorts of pricey designer furniture, realistically it’s not going to happen….(sigh) That’s why I’m always looking for cheap alternatives. Here is an example! Remember a while back I wrote about Unal & Boler Studio’s drool-worthy furniture? Well here is an alternative to their Nar Coffee Table. The Magtable ($158) is designed by Satina Turner and has slots in the surface for magazines to be hung. It’s a good way to display all your pretty periodicals while still eliminating clutter! It’s available for purchase here.


September 25, 2007   2 Comments

Noteworthy Happenings

fullmoon.jpgVancouver, Canada

9/26/2007 Full Moon Art Show
This is a very special event for me. It’s an art show sponsored by BOHEME, a group of artists that I belong to. We will be showcasing the work of 20 different artists ranging from media of paint, sculpture and even sound! If you are in the area I would definitly stop by for a guaranteed inspirational night.

7:00pm– | SPACE | $5

isamunoguchi.jpgNew York

Opened 9/20/2007Isamu Kenmochi and Isamu Noguchi
This exhibition just opened at the Noguchi Museum and surveys the collaborations between the two Isamus. Non-existant collaborative work has been recreated specially for this exhibition. Highly reccomended! Click HERE for more info.

10:00am–5:00pm | Noguchi Museum | $10


Opens 9/25 (Tuesday)Asia Digital Art Awards
The “Asian Digital Art Awards” is an international competition aimed at making Asian digital art and design more widely known in the world. It takes place at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub. Here is a link to the website (Japanese only…yea, I know… not very international.)

11:00am–7:00pm | Tokyo Midtown Design Hub | Free

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Bob Foundation coat hanger

Do you love Alice in Wonderland and are also looking for a stylish, creative way to take off you coat when you get home? Then look no further! This coat rack ($500) was designed by Bob Foundation, which was started by Mitsunori Asakura and Hiromi Suzuki. The coat rack has 6 hooks on each side and stands roughly 6ft tall. There is also a miniature jewlery hanger ($100). They can be purchased here!

Full size coat hanger

Miniature jewelry hanger

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Bengt & Lotta Lamp

I just love these lamps ($360) by husband and wife designers Bengt Lindberg and Lotta Glave. The shade is cotton and the base is made of iron (nice contrast with the organic shape).  They can be purchased here!



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Felt products!

Aika Felt Works (founded by Japanese artist Aika Urata) has some fantastic new products that can be purchased here!

Candle holder ($45) 

Slippers ($80)

Tote Bag ($150)

Cup with felt holder ($22)

September 19, 2007   2 Comments

Wooden Things

I love the touch of wood against my skin. It just feels healthier. 

Wooden Beer Mug ($120)

Wooden Ladle ($40) 

Coffee Cup ($52)

all from kirpputori

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Scandinavian Design via Japan

I just got back from Japan and I have some great finds! I’m a little jetlagged so I’ll just post the pictures and let you enjoy.

coffee pot designed by Antti Nurmesniemi in 1957


mushroom bowl shape by Kaj Franck design by Esteri Tomula


medieval kettle shape by Kaj Franck design by Esteri Tomula

September 17, 2007   2 Comments