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this just blew my mind… 10 seconds ago

“The brain, [scientists] have found, appears to make up its mind 10 seconds before we become conscious of a decision — an eternity at the speed of thought.”

via the WSJ

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Noteworthy Happenings

New York

Dalí: Painting and Film | The Museum of Modern Art | 6/29 ~ 9/15

Salvador Dali’s paintings, and his contributions to surrealism, are almost as famous as his mustache. But this exhibit highlights some of his lesser-know work; namely his passion for cinema and numerous collaborations with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney.
(Image courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art)


Botanical Sculpture: Makoto Azuma | NRW-Forum | 7/5 ~ 8/3
Floral artist Makoto Azuma’s takes his ikebana and bonsais to Germany for his first show abroad in almost 2 years. If anyone is in the vicinity, please, please go to the show and send me pictures!
(Image courtesy of NRW-Forum)

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Let me count the books…

My amazon wishlist has been accumulating an unhealthy number of photobooks. I thought I would share some with you before heading out for the weekend (and then hopefully purchasing some over the weekend).

gss.JPG joel-peter-witkin-1.jpg
This show was turned into a book. And Joel-Peter Witkin scares me.

can-you-find-happiness-1.jpg typographics-1.jpg
The musings of Bettina Rheims and Hideki Nakajima


All about the freitag bag.


Have a great weekend!!

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Choe U Ram @ Scai the Bathhouse

Korean artist Choe U Ram just completed a solo show at Scai the Bathhouse, in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it but the images are very intriguing. Choe merges robotic technology with art to create these amazingly delicate pieces.



(images courtesy of Scai the Bathhouse)

 For years I’ve always gotten excited about art that blends with science (especially robotic science!) and these images bring out that childhood-fascination in me!

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New Roles -Five Japanese Artists at Boekie Woekie


A follow-up to my previous post. New Roles is an exhibition at BOEKIE WOEKIE in Amsterdam that features 5 Japanese artists who use books/text in their art.

Clockwise starting at top left:
“Rainbow in Your Hand” by Masashi Kawamura
“SuperStar” by Mitsuru Koga *
“Untitled (Fighter Jets)” by Futoshi Miyagi
“Layout” by Kotaro Inoue
“BOOX” by Tomoo Nishidate

The show closes next week (7/3/08). You can read more about it here (japanese) or here (english)

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Mitsuru Koga | Sea Stone Rocks

I just discovered this amazing project by Japanese artist Mitsuru Koga. He actually uses stones that have been polished for years by the sea, and then works them into these beautiful objects.




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sweater art


I saw this awesome image (actually an ad for laundry softener?) over at swissmiss and it reminded me of another image I had seen recently but for all the world couldn’t recall where. Then it came to me. It was a piece by Japanese artist pyuupiru, that I had seen in the group exhibition IDENTITY IV over at Nichido Contemporary Art.

planetaria1.JPG  planetaria2.JPG

I totally think pyuupiru and MIR should collaborate.

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Izumi Shiokawa

Every country seems to have their doodlers. The U.K. has Andre Jordan and David Shrigley, the U.S. has Jay Batlle, and Japan has Izumi Shiokawa. (I’m sure other countries have their own, I just haven’t discovered them yet.)
Shiokawa has been featured in a lot of magazines lately and just completed a show over at IDEE Jiyugaoka.



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Viktor & Rolf



2 screen shots from Amsterdam-based fashion designers Viktor & Rolf’s new website that just launched. Cool, cool stuff.

via Racked

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“I collect art that I don’t understand” – Christian Boros

Sammlung Boros is a WWII bomb shelter in Berlin that was converted into a space for the private art collection of Christian Boros. Recently in 2008 the space was opened for public viewing but you have to make a reservation here (Saturdays only). I love that quote by the collector.


(Images courtesy of sammlung-boros)

via The Herald Tribune

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