Growing up in Japan, I remember spending a decent amount of allowance and socializing at the brightly lit neon arcades throughout Tokyo. That’s where, the now notorious, “Dance Dance Revolution” was first played and I was introduced to the ‘Purikura’ (short for Print Club) or the photo sticker booths that still remain ever so popular in Japan. Japanese arcades, or “game centers”, are nothing like the ones in the US. I guess if anything I have experienced came close it, it would be Dave & Buster’s Million Dollar Midway. In a culture that is famous for miniaturization of all-things-that-can-be-made-smaller, arcades in Japan seem to go bigger, brighter, louder and have the most diverse genre of games and machines.

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is a documentary by Brad Crawford, on the history and evolution of game arcades in Japan. Interviewing and filming hundreds of arcade gamers and diving deep into the arcade culture. They created their website and released their brand-spanking-new trailer (above) in hopes to raise some capital for post-production and promotion of the film. To see more information and help the filmmakers, visit

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