Battleship Sushi by Mayuka Nakamura

photos courtesy Mayuka Nakamura | click to enlarge

Gunkan-maki – literally, battleship roll, is a type of sushi in which seaweed is wrapped around the perimeter of the rice, creating a vessel to hold loose sushi like uni or ikura. And while quite effectively serving its purpose, it falls short in resemblance. So I was delighted to see that someone was finally challenging this misnomer. Mayuka Nakamura, an art student at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, created her own version of Gunkan-maki as part of her senior thesis exhibition. Now that’s a battleship!

Each sushi roll is modeled after a historic Japanese battleship, from Kongo and Hosho to Yukikaze. And the book she made documenting her work is filled with all sorts of nerdy specs: everything from measurements and active dates to the number of torpedoes it was equipped with.

source: Kotaku | Mayuka Nakamura | IT Media


  1. This is fantastic. I’ve always expected the most creative things to be from Japan. They utilize their historical and cultural objects w/ much more imagination too.

  2. This is so cool. Such a great post, in fact, I’m going to put it up on my place! Keep up the great work!

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