2011 Calendars! Oh crap!

Since yesterday was my first Christmas post, today will mark my first 2011 post.

One of the things I look forward to each year is seeing the ideas that the creative folks over at D-Bros come up with for calendars. While I am glad it’s not my job to try and sell actual calendars – and subsequently report those numbers to my boss –  I still like the idea of having something physical, track something intangible, like months and weeks.

Across the Pacific (3,990 yen) is a travel-themed calendar comprised of maps, notes and other odds and ends one might accumulate while traversing the planet. It comes in 2 parts – the first 6 months and the last 6 months – and it’s up to you to combine them or use them one at a time.

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Letters (4,725 yen) is a cute idea. Each month comes folded up in a letter. You can enjoy them all yourself, or you can actually send them to people.

Life (3,150 yen) is  a follow-up to their “Earth” calendar from last year (see related below). It’s actually quite funny watching the animals, which include pandas, polar bears and kangaroos, strike increasingly difficult poses.

Also available is their popular sticker calendar, joy by day by toy (which I used this year), and their rotating typface calendar. This month? Futura.



  1. D-bros always comes with interesting ideas each year. i love how subtle their design & illustration are. Did you get one?

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