Each year around this time we like to do a roundup of some of our favorite calendars for the following year. Can you believe we’re heading into 2012? I certainly can’t. If you’re interested, please check out our previous posts, which include 2009 calenders! oh no!2010 calendars! oh my! and 2011 Calendars! Oh crap!.

2012 calendar by chie tanaka

Chie Tanaka’s rainbow “Pullout Calendar” was produced in collaboration with Takeo Paper and will be exhibited/sold (5,250 yen) at Mitsukoshi Department Store in conjunction with Designtide Tokyo 2011.

2012 calendar by kei matsushita
Also in collaboration with Takeo Paper is Kei Matsushita’s “Graph Calendar” (15,750 yen). It’s an upright calendar and you flip the days as the year progress. It comes in 4 different colors.

2012 calendar by Yusaku Shimoyama
Yusaku Shimoyama’s “Surge” calendar is made from one sheet of paper and becomes three dimensional when assembled to look like an architect model. Available at the MoMA Store ($10.95)

2012 calendar by hiroyuki miyake 1 2012 calendar by hiroyuki miyake 2
Hiroyuki Miyake‘s “Measure Calendar” works like a retractable tape measure, with one centimeter for each day of the year.

2012 calendar by dbros
And of course, our roundup of calendars wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from graphic design office D-BROS. First up is “Roll12” (above) by Ryosuke Uehara, in which the motion of flipping from month-to-month becomes part of the design, creating a visually dynamic calendar.

2012 calendar by dbros 3
“Family” by Atsushi Hirano is a continuation of a series in which the designer incorporates animals into the typefaces of the days.

2012 calendar by dbros 2
Lastly, their “typeface” calendar, which has been rotating through popular typefaces since 2008, is back again; this time with the “century” family.