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It’s December already! And I know you don’t want to think about it but there’s only 31 days left in 2015. So why not start planning for the new year? This year Spoon & Tamago has teamed up with NY-based Japanese illustrator Akane Ogura on two unique yet equally gorgeous 2016 calendars.

2016 Illustrated Zodiac Calendar

Change the way you perceive each month with this calendar that follows the Astrological months instead of so each calendar months. Each month does no not begin on what we know as “the first.” But each sign still has monthly labels so you can follow along!

Many believe that certain Astrological signs work well together. With this calendar you can easily see how your friends and family fall into certain signs. Mark your friends and families birthdays and learn which part of the Zodiac you are with most.

akane ogura zodiac

akane ogura zodiac detail

2016 Illustrated Floral Calendar

Lustrous original floral paintings by the artist have been turned into 12 individual prints for each month of the new 2016 year. The prints can be folded in half and sent to friends or family as mailings too! Or keep the image for yourself and frame it once the month is through.

akane ogura floral (1)

akane ogura floral (3)

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