all images courtesy @mitiruxxx

Bonito flakes are a popular garnish on many well-known dishes in Japan like okonomiyaki and takoyaki. But those coming across it for the first time often mistake them for pencil shavings. Thanks to the imagination of one product designer, the two have become intertwined in a single, perfect pencil sharpener.

The Okonomiyaki Pencil Sharpener is the creation of Twitter user @mitiruxxx, who comes up with all sorts of creative, imaginary stationery. Some might be disappointed to learn that the pencil sharpener, along with many of the designers creations, are computer-rendered concept products and are not yet buyable.

However, this item in particular has resonated quite strongly on social media, which could motivate a corporate partner to help bring the sharpener to market. For updates you can keep up with the designer on Twitter.