all images courtesy atelier hatena

Usually we would not want bugs around the house. But we’ll make an exception for these incredibly adorable bread bugs created by felt artist Atelier Hatena. Based in Hiroshima, the artist knits together one-of-a-kind, whimsical creatures out of felt.

From regular white bread and butter rolls to melon pan and croissants, Atelier Hatena covers the entire spectrum of breads with each one looking more scrumptious than the next. And what’s curious about these is that even though the don’t have a head, simply by adding legs to them the bread itself becomes the head.

The artist says they began making felt creatures as a hobby, simply out of an immense fascination with all creatures and critters. The work sometimes takes a whimsical twist into the surreal with amazing results such as these bread bugs.

Atelier Hatena maintains a web shop where you might be able to score one of the creations but given a limited supply all are sold out at the moment. You can follow them on Twitter where they occasionally announce new items added to the shop. And if you’re in Japan, the bread bugs were recently turned into gachapon capsule figurines, which can be found across Japan starting last month.