Kids Gloves by Nobumasa Takahashi (an anniversary giveaway!)


Exactly 1 year ago Spoon & Tamago debuted its online shop. It’s been quite a ride and a huge learning experience, but we’ve loved every moment of it. Writing about Japanese art and design will always be our passion but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with delivering it to someone’s hands.

To thank you all for your support we’re giving away 2 sets of these adorable Cubic Kids Gloves by artist Nobumasa Takahashi, who also designed the Wasanbon Sugar Skulls.



Unfortunately we weren’t able to get these gloves into the shop for this season (maybe next year!?) but we’re thrilled to be able to give 2 sets away! The “Hinomaru Fujisan” features Mt. Fuji on the left hand and a rising sun on the right. The “Akaoni Aooni” features Japan’s beloved (but sometimes feared) red and blue ogres.

And those little fingers are guaranteed to stay warm. The gloves were manufactured by Fukushin, a Japanese company with over 50-years of experience making gloves. They come in 1 size only (w 90 x h 130mm) and are intended for 2-3 year olds.

Here’s how you can win a pair:

  1. Leave a comment below (if you have a preference, state that as well)
  2. We’ll choose random winners next Thursday (11/27)
  3. That’s it!

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[update] Comments are now closed. Congratulations to our winners Patrick and Pascale.










  1. I have been enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

  2. Awww, they are so cute! Would be a great present for our little daughter if I will win them for her! 🙂

  3. the oni gloves are too cute! they should make adult versions!

  4. happy 1 year! love your shop and blog 🙂

  5. The Monster ones are too cute would love to win those!!

  6. I love the little monster gloves!

  7. Love these and your blog…..just back from my second trip to japan….loved every second of it.i love the japan gloves the most…

  8. These are adorable!
    I would like the first pair for my niece, please. Thank you!

  9. Kawaii! Congratulations on your first year!

  10. Thank you for this little bit of awesomeness in my feed this morning! As always, love the blog and would love to see those gloves on my nephew!!

  11. The monsters are great. If I can’t win ’em, I’ll have to buy ’em. Love this site.

  12. Ok, I’m game, the nieces would love.. Thanks for all the Jp art reviews too!

  13. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I always love reading your blog. My preference would definitely be the little monsters. 😉

  14. These gloves are great! Congrats on the anniversary. I love your site and wish you much success.

  15. Very cool blog. And online shop. 🙂

  16. ラブグラブ(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

  17. Congratulations! i love your shop 🙂 Love the mt. fuji ones

  18. Awww! Too cute. Congrats on your first anniversary. Your blog is one of my favorites !

  19. Happy 1 year! My nephew would look so adorable in those mittens 🙂

  20. I love your posts and website! If I win my little grandson will be the happy recipient of the Hinomaru Fujisan pair!

  21. Love the little monster mittens! And very playful packaging too! Too cute!

  22. Congratulations with the 1 year anniversary!
    I’ve seen so much interesting and beautiful things thanks to this site, I can’t wait to be in Japan in february to experience some of the things featured on this site in real life.
    The gloves look so cool, i can’t pick a favorite.. All of them are lovely!!

  23. I just love Japanese design. So many Japanese things I crave. I’d love the little Akaoni Aooni gloves to give to my niece.

  24. Really inspiring posts every time!

  25. those cuuute monster gloves have been made for my adorable little monster niece ! They will take life on her hands…

  26. I love Spoon and Tamago and have done so for a long time! Monster gloves for me! Thanx for doing this. :)(: pam

  27. Congratulations! Both cute! Oni is cool!

  28. Congrats Spoon Tamago – OMEDETOU \(^o^)/ I especially like the AKAONI AOONI…I want very much!!!

  29. These are so cute! Love this blog!

  30. These are great. Happy anniversary.

  31. Of course, oni-chan. Love your site and news and congrats on your online shopaversary!

  32. These are adorable. I love the little monster gloves!

  33. Our granddaughter would love the little monsters! Thanks for the offer!

  34. So cute! I’m interested as well! (Funny how normally your posts have so few comments and now everyone is commenting.. ^^)
    Thanks for the blog btw, I love it. Too bad I usually cannot afford what you show..not yet.

  35. Happy 1st Anniversary! The gloves are super cute! 🙂

  36. AHHHhh KAWAII!

  37. my kids would love these!

  38. I’m hoping international shipping won’t be prohibitive.

  39. You always find the most unique items. Congrats on the one year anniversary for your online shop.

    If I won, my choice would be the Hinomaru Fujisan mittens.

  40. Happy anniversary, S&T Online Shop!
    The Akaoni Aooni Gloves are lovely!

  41. You feature such wonderful artists and designs; congrats on your annniversary and the Akaoni Aooni gloves are the bomb!

  42. Please give me a pair of these lovely Gloves for my daughter, Zofee!! YAY!! 😀

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