fes1You may remember the TAKT Project from their DIY creations combining industrially made objects with 3d-printed parts. This month the small but innovative design team is back to explore the possibilities of wearable design. They take a shot at combining elegance and technology by using a thin, electronic paper display. The FES watch was designed for Fashion Entertainments, a Tokyo-based startup that’s looking to revolutionize the fashion industry through the use of electronic paper. Their first product is this watch, which takes the stand of being a fashion item first, adding a layer of technological prowess on top of it.




The custom-made watch faces were created to display time in a stylish manner, while allowing the watch to sport different faces. Thanks to a motion sensor, the facing turns on when the user turns his wrist to look at the watch, and then fades out.

The experience is about witnessing the watch as we know it — a hard, fixed object — that seem to smoothly change form, character or presence before our eyes

But the team does not intend to stop there. According to TAKT PROJECT, the watch facings will be editable by FES users, and the studio plans to mass-produce the object earlier next year. The first batch of watches has already been successfully backed on Japanese crowd-funding site Makuake.  But they’ve recently reopened the project allowing those who are interested a change to purchase the watch.

The team is also working on other project with Fashion Entertainments, and aims to release new designs that explore the relationship between technology, physical objects and people.








Photos : Masayuki Hayashi