Inspired by the ancient yet versatile 8-bit technology, NY-based Japanese artist Shinji Murakami has been creating works that harken back to the original Dragon Quest, Zelda and other video games of his childhood. So it’s not surprising that much of his work takes after the nostalgic, 8-bit aesthetic of pixelated bumpiness.

One of his latest creations is this series of adorable mini-puppies based on his iconic exploration of three-dimensional 8-bit sculptures. The process is one of distillation and discovery: removing information to bring into focus the most important elements. Each puppy is a wooden block sculpture that has been hand-cast in resin. And they’re available in fun, vibrant shades of blue, yellow, white, pink and green.

Each color is a limited edition of 100 and is a collector’s item for art and dog lovers alike. It’s the perfect pet for any home. And the best part: it doesn’t shed 😉