8bit heart

image courtesy the artist | click to enlarge

Feeling a bit nerdy this Valentine’s day? Or perhaps you’re dating a gamer? Brooklyn-based artist Shinji Murakami has created the perfect valentines gift for you. His 8bit heart is an ode to the pixelated past, before the age of hi-res vector graphics.

A three-dimensional art piece deconstructed into nostalgic 8-bit cubes, 8bit heart is part of Shinji’s 3D-8BIT series – an expedition to unearth the pixelated bumpiness of three-dimensional forms. The process is one of distillation and discovery: removing information to bring into focus the most important elements.

Of course if you’re looking for something “a bit” more affordable, check out this DIY origami heart. You can read more about Shinji in our studio visit and be sure to check out his upcoming solo exhibition!