Origami Heart

photo via bloomize.com

This origami heart is too easy not to make for your Valentines this year! All you need is a square piece of paper. I remember making these through some of the classes I should have paid attention to in school.

Origami Heart steps

1. Use a square piece of paper.
2. Fold in half. Crease.
3. Half again. Crease.
4. Open up.
5. Fold bottom portion to the middle crease line.
6. Turn over. Fold up triangular edges.
7. Turn over.
8. Bring point C to the top.
9. Turn over.
10. Use finger to make an opening.
11. Flatten to form triangle.
12. Repeat step 12 on the left side.
13. Fold a triangle from the edge for both sides.
14. Fold a tiny triangle from each peak.
15. Turn over. Fold the areas behind the dotted lines.

Other than being ‘cute’ and a nice handmade touch to your Valentine’s, it’s also pretty versatile. You can flip up the heart and use it as a little envelope for a small gift or letter. It can be used as a book mark as pictured at the top. And last but not least, when you put 4 of them together, you can create a 4-leaf clover.

Origami Cloverphoto via bloomize.com

Source: bloomize.com

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