9-tsubo house

WHAT? Japan’s unit for measuring surface area of real-estate is based on a freaken tatami mat? wtf?
As soon as you can get by this oh-so-common reaction, you can begin to appreciate the ultimate in small spaces that is the 9-tsubo house.

The company has been commissioning several architects/designers to create variations on a “minimum house” concept called the 9-tsubo house (1 tsubo is about 35-sf) originally developed in 1952 by the architect Makoto Masuzawa. Completed just last month, their latest home is SAH (13,500,000 yen or about $146K), designed by Makoto Koizumi.



  1. As usual with japanese houses, I love the interior and the concept,
    but somehow, they doorway always feels so unwelcoming to me.
    Like the staff-entrance of a factory or so.

    Is this only a europian culture-crash experience? What about this esthetic appeals to the japanese?

  2. Wow didn't know that. I like it but still prefer glass windows I can look out of to those Japanese slider windows/doors. The interior is beautiful and looks so soothing.

  3. that is an intersting point… maybe it has something to do with the characteristically unassuming and modest nature of the Japanese as a people?

  4. I really like this way to think. Why you should need more space?
    For me is too minimalist, but with some carpet, colors and flowers could be a nice place to live.

  5. wow – that is great.
    Reminds me a bit of the MUJI houses :

  6. this is how i imagine a stand alone apartment or loft would look like. not connected to a larger building. where's the bathroom?

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