House in Takaya by Suppose Design Office

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House in Takaya is a gorgeous residential home in Hiroshima. It’s also hopelessly Japanese. It is the work of Makoto Tanijiri of Suppose Design Office, who is no stranger to this site. He is insanely young and talented – perhaps one of the more coveted up-and-coming architects in Japan right now. Although given the fact that his office has recently bulged to a staff of almost 20 (including 1 dog), “up-and-coming” is a bit of a misnomer.

The idyllic and peaceful layout was presumably designed to coexist with nature. In fact, the architect has a penchant for merging the indoors and outdoors. This characteristic – you can’t discuss this home without talking about it – is most apparent in his choice to incorporate the rather traditional (or ancient) doma, or earthen floor, throughout the entire house.

The doma acts as a hallway, dictating the movement of residents from one room to another. Inconvenient? Indeed, some may find it so.  But for the environment-concious inhabitants it’s turns out to be  graceful solution to creating invisible boundaries while adding depth and richness to the interior.

Found on the Suppose Design Office website. The home was originally completed in February 2011 but the architects just recently uploaded images to their website. Read our other stories on Suppose Design Office.


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