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What happens when a nature-revering architectural firm designs their own office from scratch? Just ask Takashi Fujino, of Ikimono Architects, who explains the significance behind their name: “I gave the name Ikimono [“being alive”] to my office, because I think that whatever is born, grows and dies can be considered a living creature.” In keeping with that very same philosophy, Fujino designed Atelier Tenjinyama for him and his staff to work. The structure itself is quite simple – a study in minimalism – but it’s the details that expose the workplace to the outdoors.

Various plant life were carefully chosen for the interior based on functional criteria – vegetation for shielding the sun, flowers to exude aromas and herbs for cooking. After the studio’s completion in early 2011, Fujino set up a camera in the office to record daily life of staff, the growth of all his office plants and how the two interact. Exactly 3 years since the completion of his office, Fujino has compiled a time-lapse of the video. Sure enough, the building has become a workplace where occupants can smell the scent of spring flowers, gaze at clouds and stars and listen to the sound of rain or snow falling.


If you’re interested, check out some other buildings that have successfully incorporate the outdoors.






  1. George Johnson

    May 10, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Looks like an abandoned building at first glance or a decrepit storage unit. Needs some color trim and a decorative brick walkway to make it seem more “alive” and less abandoned grey.

  2. Oh George! You missed the point! Did you watch the video? Pay attention to the beauty 🙂

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