MR Design – aka Kenjiro Sano – gets a new office

Schemata Architects released a press release today for an office space they designed, titled  MR Design Office.  Although there is no mention of him, I am certain that this is the office of THE Mr Design, also known as Kenjiro Sano (see our 2009 post on the man)

The name wasn’t the only giveaway. Strategically placed around the office are a few of the fantastic bath art prints that Sano did back in 2009.

Anyways, I absolutely love the office space. The light above the table is great (it reminds me of this dome lamp by Ingo Maurer). And who wouldn’t want a tunnel shoot in their office, just for the heck of it?


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  1. it must be fun to come into work through that slide with a “yuppieeeeeeeeee!!!”

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