photos by Kanta Ushio | click to enlarge

Using 10,000 paper square pipes stacked on top of each other, architect Yoshimasa Tsutsumi has created a fluid, modular wall in which objects like chairs, lamps and stools become encapsulated in the wall. Conventional wisdom holds that when displaying items in a room you either place them, lean them or hang them, says the architect. But what if our walls could change shape, responding to the different objects in the room, almost like a digital wall? Then a new method of display emerges in which you can “dig” into your wall and bury items as if they are unearthed fossils.

The installation, titled “digit,” was curated by Masaaki Takahashi and is currently on display at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya through 2.17.2013. It was created to show off items from Diesel’s new home collection.

It reminds me a bit of the installation that Torafu Architects did back in 2004.

Source: press release