kokko | a new crafts shop in Osaka

kokko osaka (1)unless otherwise noted all photos by Ayaka Umeda | click to enlarge

Like a breath of fresh air – and most certainly an appearance – a new crafts store featuring handmade and vintage home wares opened in the Sumiyoshi district of Osaka earlier this year. An eclectic mix of Scandinavian staples like Arabia, Finel and Almedahls (sprinkled with a healthy dose of Moomin) meets local potters and wood workers. And a beautiful boutique shopping experience awaits as visitors are welcomed into this cozy, sun-drenched shop draped with pastel fabric curtains. The experience is akin to something like walking into a friend’s house and saying, “why yes. I’ll take that, that and a pair of these.” (But you have to pay for them.)

The space was designed by architect Matsumoto Kimura. I don’t have a Kansai design guide but if I did Kokko would certainly be on it. But beware, they’re closed on Mon. and Tue.

kokko osaka (5)kokko osaka (3)

kokko osaka (6)a view of the shop | photo courtesy kokko

kokko osaka (4)

kokko osaka (2)

kokko osaka (7)

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  1. Wow. This is such a wonderful concept and Japanese in its most pure form. For me at least.

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