A Multifamily Apartment Turned Into a Multicolored Cross Section of Rooms


Photos by Daichi Ano and Kazuyasu Kochi

Late last year, Tokyo-based architect Kazuyasu Kochi completed a renovation project of an old apartment building. Located in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, “Apartment House” is a renovation of multi-family apartment into a single-family home by slicing out a portion of the center to reveal a void that connects the entire home. Each cross-section was then color-coded to delineate it.



from the outside no one would suspect it’s unique, colorful interior

The void creates a central space in the home for family members to gather. A similar technique was employed in the architect’s previous work in 2013 when he created a hexagonal void in the middle of a home. In the truest sense, it’s a case where subtractive architecture creates a more endearing space.





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  1. This is vibrant. the design an color is creative.

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