Cross-Sections Form a Technicolor Cubist Home in Tokyo

From the outside this nondescript Tokyo home, with its cream-colored façade, looks just like all its other neighbors. But inside it’s anything but. A vibrant palette of pastel-colored walled differentiate the rooms, which give the impression that you’ve stepped into a cubist painting.

Ana House is the work of Tokyo-based Kochi Architect’s Studio. Lead architect Kazuyasu Kochi is known for his unique method of dividing spaces using a grid-based system, and, after Kame House (2013) and Apartment House (2014), this is the 3rd home that he’s applied it to.

In each case, Kochi slices out a portion from the grid, revealing a large void that connects the entire home. Each space is then color-coded to delineate it, which is what creates the cubist feel.

The void creates a central space in the home for family members to gather. And as we’ve said before, in the truest sense it’s a case where subtractive architecture creates a more endearing space.

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  1. This makes my brain very happy. It seems quite livable as well!

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