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Spoon _Tamago

“Spoon Tamago” written in Tokyo 2020 font (our only complaint is the ampersand wasn’t available)

The logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was revealed 2 weeks ago, on the date that marked exactly 5 years to the opening ceremony. And while you certainly can’t please everyone, we loved it and felt the general consensus was a thumbs up as well. Now, Japanese programmer Mitsuhide Matsuda has created a font generator that lets you type out words and even phrases using a font based on the original logo design.

olympic emblem header

Designed by graphic designer Kenjiro Sano, the emblems are characterized by modern, abstract representations of the letter T. The symbolic letter stands for Team – “When the world comes together for Tokyo 2020, we will experience the joy of uniting as one team.” It also stands for Tomorrow – “for a better world and a brighter future.” And of course it also is the first letter of the host city: Tokyo. The vintage shades of grey and gold pay homage to Japan’s history of art and design.

Unfortunately, dubious claims over plagiarism have cast a dark cloud over the logo but we think that in 5 years this logo will shine bright and will be a symbol of pride.



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  1. I really think your font generator using the Tokyo Olympic’s font is really smart.

    I was wondering, just touchingbase, do you know of a font that will look good for

    tomatoes, maybe fruit.

    Is there a Japanese word for “travelling tomatoes” ?


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