Absurd and Whimsical Water Faucets Created by Kakudai

kakudai water faucet 2

The chubby faucet (12,500) is one of several whimsical and absurd products that Kakudai makes

The Osaka-based Kakudai has a very serious catalog of products. Over 900 pages of sinks, faucets, pipes, valves, toilets and other water-related products. But someone at the company must have a great sense of humor because because buried within those 900 pages are a series of faucets that will make you look twice.

kakudai water faucet 4

the upside-down faucet pours water out of its handle

We know what you’re thinking. Did we actually go through the 900-page catalog? (Yes, we did and so can you) Now, the people of Osaka are known amongst Japan for their sense of humor. So perhaps that explains why something like this even exists. What we do know is that if we had the money we would install each of these absurd faucets in a different bathroom.

kakudai water faucet 5

the disproportionately large handle will make you think you’ve lost your mind


kakudai water faucet 7

this bent handle looks like its bowing and welcoming you to the bathroom


kakudai water faucet 8

the backwards faucet (left) looks like it was installed by a nut job while the seemingly normal faucet on the right turn on by pushing the handle back


kakudai water faucet 9

ok, this is just ridiculous


kakudai water faucet 10

ever feel nostalgia for the good old water-pumping days?


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  1. this is so cute
    the cattle one is the best!

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