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Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Takeshi Miyakawa recently updated his website with new images. Although I don’t believe the work is necessarily new (hard to tell because there are no dates), there were some pieces that I hadn’t seen before, such as the Zero Shift table and the Gang of 4 storage unit.


Zero Shift. By sliding the two pieces, you can change the configurations and size according to your room. It can also be used for storage, i suppose.


Gang of 4. Four different-colored bookshelves that can be configured in multiple ways.


Miyakawa first landed on my, and probably many others’, radar screen when he showcased his work at BKLYN DESIGNS in 2008. His fractal 23 storage unit and rite of spring, an installation first shown at BKLYN DESIGNS in 2009, became immediate internet sensations, and rightly so. I remain a huge fan of his work and, if I had the moolah, would love to purchase one of his pieces from Voos Furniture (who has them priced in the low 5-digit range).

Fractal 23 ($19,000)


fractal 23 storage unit

Takeshi Miyakawa Design rite of spring

rite of spring


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  1. Those are really great furniture designs from Takeshi Miyakawa. I wonder if the last image would be convenient to your modern home.

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