Japanese cell phone provider KDDI’s artsy offshoot brand iida (innovation, imagination, design, art) has been courting Japan’s design-conscious consumers since 2009 with their designer and artist collaborations. One of my favorite things that has come out of the concept are the accessories, namely, their efforts to make wiring less ugly.

On that front, their latest product is AC Adapter WORLD OF ALICE (2,200 yen), a power adapter embedded with its own little wonderland story. It was designed by Kento Imamura and Nozomi Miyatake, two young graduate school designers at Osaka City University. And while the last thing us parents want are toddler-enticing electric cables, I commend their efforts in trying to eliminate all the junk out there people buy to hide their cords.

A cord organizer from last year

AC Adapter MIDORI from 2009

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