iida INFOBAR A01 by Naoto Fukasawa and Yugo Nakamura

It was by mere coincidence that yesterday I wrote about iida because that night I found myself transfixed by one of the more exciting product launches of the year. And it was being made by iida. The announcement was concerning the release of INFOBAR A01, a new android smartphone re-imagined by its original designer and one of Japan’s forerunners of industrial design, Naoto Fukasawa.

It also comes equipped with a brand-spanking-new interface designed by one of Japan’s forerunners of UI design Yugo Nakamura. It was after watching the below video that I was prompted to ask the bold question, “Did Japan just take back the smartphone from Apple?”

In less than 24 hours the new INFOBAR has already gotten a thumbs up from designers across the globe including Khoi Vinh and Niklas Lindstrom from New York, and Paul Baron and Akihiro Kumagaya from Japan.

Here is a short history of how INFOBAR has evolved:

2001.5 info.bar (concept)

2003.10 INFOBAR

2007.9 INFOBAR 2

2011.5 INFOBAR A01

Source: twitter | iida


  1. Haha my husband has always been an infobar man. Maybe this means he will finally get a smartphone 🙂

  2. @Claire – Nice! Yea, I remember seeing the very first version and thinking it was the damn-finest-looking phone I had ever seen.

  3. He says he’s not going to get it because it doesn’t look enough like a bar! It’s shaped like every other smartphone out there. Would be neat to see a smartphone with a screen that is long and thin like previous incarnations of the Infobar.

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