left: the “party” airvase | right: the “Mt. Fuji” airvase

The airvase is a revolutionary series of paper vessels designed by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects. The product comes as a flat disc with perforations that allow the user to pull up each side, shaping the vase in any number of ways. Different patterns are printed on both sides of the vase, creating varying impressions depending on the angle.


The “Mt. Fuji” series was designed by Tokyo-based design studio Groovisions. The set comes with 3 paper vases: one side depicts Mt. Fuji in varying colors so when flipped upside down it looks like Japan’s most well-known mountain. The other side is printed with fun graphics that represent Japan like Tokyo Tower, the bullet train and a daruma doll.

And here’s a bit of spoon & tamago trivia: the design for our figurine characters that are part of our logo were originally inspired by the “chappie” dolls designed by Groovisions.






The “Party” series was designed by Akira Minagawa of fashion label minä perhonen. The brand is known for their fun and whimsical textile patterns which, in this case, come to life on the three-dimensional airvase. The set comes with 3 paper vases, each with different graphics.

air-vase-mina-party_3_1024x1024 air-vase-mina-party_5_1024x1024

air-vase-mina-party-2      air-vase-mina-party-6