Photos by Fuminari Yoshitsugu | click to enlarge

2012 has been a year of memorable celestial events, at least for me. There was the space shuttle piggy back ride, the annular eclipse and the transit of venus, just to name a few. So it’s entirely appropriate – perhaps even, written in the stars – that Torafu Architects latest project envelopes space.

The airvase is a highly versatile paper vessels that can be stretched and sculpted into various forms. Their 12th iteration of the popular vase also marks their first artist collaboration with Mikiya Takimoto who has been documenting the NASA space program through a series of stunning, larger-than-life photographs. His images are printed on the inside of the airvases, rendering them invisible from the outside but wholly visibly when peering in. The new vase, along with its predecessors, will be available through kaminokousakujo.

There’s something magical about these flimsy, delicate objects containing monstrous images of space and the force of mankind that that enabled us to hope, dream, advance frontiers and make tomorrow exist today.

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Package graphic: TAKAIYAMA

source: press release