waterscape_mizu (1)

Conventional aquarist knowledge has held that the water goes inside the fish tank, air is around it and everyone is happy. That’s just the way it is. But Japanese designer Haruka Misawa has completely turned that logic upside down to create one of the most beautiful fish tanks we’ve ever seen.

waterscape_mizu (2)


Underwater there exists a very special environment where buoyancy counteracts the effects of gravity. Misawa, a 34-year old designer who trained at the design office Nendo, decided to visualize these opposing forces in a fish tank that ends up having a very tranquil feel to it. A Large air bubble is encapsulated within the water of the fish tank, allowing ferns to grow and fish to feed off them.

The fish tank is actually part of a series of fish tanks that were intended to re-think aquariums altogether. They were created for Misawa’s solo exhibition in Taiwan called Waterscape, which was held earlier this year. If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the exhibition we’ve created a bonus post over on our Tumblr account.