Goldfish tank phone booths are popping up across Japan

A Kansai-based five-member art collective known only as Kingyobu (goldfish club) have been installing goldfish tank phone booths on the streets of Osaka.  Details remain murky – like,why? – but the group seems to have debuted their contraption at an art festival in late 2011, and have gone on to install several others throughout 2012.

Spectators have pointed out that it appears as if the goldfish are sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass, making for a cruel yet visually stunning functional phone booth. But that does not seem to be the case. Based on the making-of images, these are actual fish tanks.

It’s no secret that goldfish are heavily ingrained in the Japanese psyche, inspiring everything from resin sculptures to pop-up aquariums. And the phone booth has become a relic.


  1. Oh my gosh love this!

  2. This is why Clark Kent never visits Japan. He has no place to change into his costume. :0) You can probably get away with putting it at Japan and other cooler places. I don’t think that the fish will survive under direct contact of sunlight at tropical countries.

  3. vertical tank, that much of fish in it. it’s such a torture for the animals.

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