This absurdly fantastic shot by photographer Yumiko Utsu is a great way to start the new year! And from the looks of it, 2012 is going to be a bright year for the eccentric artist who’s known for her kitschy use of food photography, combined with portraiture of humans and animals. With a book deal and several solo shows – both domestic and abroad – already behind her, she’ll be showing at Saatchi Gallery during 2012.

Here’s a look at some of her past work to get a sense of what we might expect from the show:

“Ricky” | hercules beetle larva and  coral

“Mold Dive” (2008) | toy bear and molded tea

“Cat Food Mandala” (2005)

“Shirako Baby” (2005) | fyi – Shirako is basically fish sperm

Source: Saatchi Gallery