Came across this super cute and fun ‘ge-ta’ (Japanese sandal) footwear for kids, just in time for the summer! These sandals are available in five different footprints: cat, gecko, owl, monkey and zaurus.

ashiato - footprint

ashiato - cat

ashiato - gecko

ashiato - monkey

kiko+ brand was launched this May by Osaka based Kukkia Design, an interior design firm that started dabbling in toy design. The brands theme is simple, “Forest and children, children at play, play and art.” kiko+ specializes in “wooden toys and plans for kids” that will draw out the creativity, design and character of the child through play.

The sandals are available starting at ¥2,625~¥2,835. This footwear line is only one of eight products currently offered by kiko+. To see more of their fun and creative products, visit the kiko+ website.

source: Dog Milk | kiko+