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Back in 2009 when designer Masahiro Minami created the fantastic “Bears on Melting Ice” rocker for his daughter, he also promised himself that we would create an equally distinguished piece for his son as well. But as we all know, especially if you are a parent, time is a brisk wind. Luckily, for the designer, he set to work before it was too late and, over the past year, designed this exquisite wooden vehicle for his son.

One of the most significant considerations in designing the piece was that, at some point, toys such as these eventually become a nuisance, or simply end up occupying more space than they are worth. Minami proposed a simple solution that integrated a pull-out drawer attached to a tail-like rope so that the vehicle could also be used for storage. I also love how it comes equipped with a very serious pair of googly eyes!

source: Masahiro Minami’s blog