Photos by Asaco Suzuki

Product development and production agency Oiseau (pronounced oazo) has created the Atelier Book Chair (ABC), the first in what is to be a series of sustainable, long-lasting products under the brand name “Mother.”

ABC is a kid-friendly portable drawing set that can carry drawing tools while doubling as an artist’s stool. It was designed by partner and product designer Kana Nakanishi, who collaborated with artisan Masayuki Ooshima to produce the gorgeous wooden set.

Speaking of gorgeous, let’s talk about the details. I love the small bits of leather and how it opens up like a book. Inside are 2 detachable pouches for storing art supplies, along with a seat board that is used to convert the chest into a stool.

Having immersed myself art education studies, I must provide the obligatory warning to parents that gorgeous materials do not produce inquisitive artists. Exploration in materials and guided discovery (that means you have to participate) creates inquisitive artists. With that said, this ABC kit would certainly be effective in getting kids excited about art.

You can preorder ABC (50,000 yen ex. tax) by emailing them: abc (at)

via Matsuda Ryutaro’s blog