Inspired by Japan’s age-old art of origami, Satoshi Itasakai has created a chair that he hopes will stimulate a generation of young minds. Owl Chair, which takes it’s name from the way it resembles the nocturnal bird when unfolded, is a child’s chair made from a single sheet of non-toxic, kid-friendly EVA. Assembly doesn’t even require any nails or tools so even the smallest of hands can help.

“We believe that for our children to continue imagining the future, something needed to be designed for them. Experiments in which a body with a difficult-to-imagine shape like that of a chair is formed out of a plane body will certainly stimulate the creativity of children,” says Itasaka.



Along with his partner Takuto Usami, Itasaka operates under the studio name H220430, which stands for Heisei 22 (2010) April, 30, the official start date of his new venture. If you’re interested in their work you can read a more in-depth post we did on them last year.

source: Satoshi Itasaka’s blog