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Just in case you’re feeling overly competent in all your adult maturity, here’s a little reminder of the creative potential that lies in children. Currently on display at Atelier Muji is an exhibit titled “The Power of Kids,” featuring artwork created by elementary school students of Watanona Elementary School. If you go to the exhibition, what you’ll learn is that Watanoha is located in Ishinomaki City, which sustained heavy damage from the tsunami last year. And what you’ll also learn is that all the materials used to create the artwork are disaster debris – the only materials available to them.

To see the playful sculptures is both heart wrenching and encouraging at the same time. We so often underestimate the complexity of kids, not giving them the credit they deserve. Many have described Ishinomaki as “flattened” or with “nothing left.” That’s not how these kids saw it.

The exhibit runs through July 29, 2012 at Atelier Muji in Tokyo. During the month of July there are also 3 workshops for kids (free but registration required) in which you’ll make art from found objects.

I think my favorite is “Salaryman” (above). Sometimes he has a hangover, the child explains.

Source: satoshi itasaka


  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting about this, we have booked our son in for one of the workshops and we are looking forward to seeing all the others kids great work.

  2. I shared on Facebook so my Japanese friend could see it and she’s going to take her 2 kids to visit the exhibition. So information from you to me in Scotland on to friends in Tokyo and a visit planned….

  3. @Di – HA! Love it.

  4. Thank you for featuring “The Power of Kids” exhibition. We have introduced your blog on our Facebook page.


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