An Unusual Chair | Post-Fukushima Abnormalities Expressed Through Furniture

uc05all photos courtesy h220430

“Two and a half years after the disaster at Fukushima, one lesson to be learned is that danger lurks in the very foundation of our daily lives,” says Satoshi Itasaka (previously). The designer founded his studio h220430 in 2010 and has since been creating whimsical, concept-driven furniture that takes on heavy themes like atomic bombs or nuclear fallout.

“Despite this clear and present danger, abnormal conditions have become systematic and we are preparing to restart nuclear power plants across Japan without even addressing the problems.” We must always remember that these conditions are not normal, is the underlying message Itasaka has as he unveils his precarious-looking “Unusual Chair.” Entirely functional, the chair has a gaping hole in one of it’s legs, causing the user to intuitively cast doubt on it’s safety, or lack thereof.

Satoshi Itasaka’s “Unusual Chair” is part of Any Tokyo, a satellite exhibition going on during Tokyo Designers Week 2013.

All quotes translated from Japanese to English by author.


Although the designer doesn’t comment on it, the chair, with a vital piece missing, can also be interpreted as a genetic abnormality brought on by exposure to radiation.



This post is part of a series covering the 2013 Tokyo Designers Week.

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