Tsuchinoco – a new brand of cardboard kids furniture

Tsuchinoco is a new brand of cardboard kids furniture that’s debuting at the Baby & Kids Expo in Tokyo this coming weekend. Made from Reinforced Corrugated Fiberboard (if you’re like me you can just call it, strong cardboard), it’s light-weight, durable and also completely recyclable. Hat tip to designer Masahiro Minami who was responsible for not only the logo and branding, but also the ingenious designs that start out flat and get built-up to life-size furniture. Fun!

The farm-themed collection is named after a mythical snake-like creature that has forever enticed the budding minds of kids across Japan. Tsuchinoco embodies a nostalgic longing for rural Japan, hence the tree and tractor-shaped pieces.

And interestingly, cardboard furniture has seen a surge in popularity ever since people rediscovered it’s possibilities after the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.

(thanks Minami-san!)

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  1. This makes me want to be a kid again… Then again… I would’t mind having some of these as an adult…. These could really work as a design feature….

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